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Thats My Jam

The idea is simple. Play your music! When your jam comes on...Lock it in!

While this app was originally geared towards runners or people at the gym anybody who doesn't want to waste a lot of time searching for specific songs will love this app!


Thats My Jam uses a drill down technique to continue playing the songs you want by allowing the user to continue playing songs by Album, Artist, or Genre. So if a song comes on that you like you can tap 'Lock Genre' and it will only play songs in that genre. If an artist comes on from within that Genre you can narrow your playlist to that. You can also drill back up if you get tired of a specific locked playlist. 


• To reproduce this effect in Apple's default music app would take a lot of back and forth in the menu hierarchy.

• This app also prevents music videos from opening up in full screen interrupting your normal iPhone/iPad usage.




Lynked is a payment keychain for all your subscription services, so you never have to worry about forgetting to update your payment information.

  • Recently replaced your card? Lynked eases the frustration of one by one updating your subscription services!

  • Organize subscriptions

  • No sensitive credit card information

  • Keeps track of your fixed monthly expenses

  • Never forget to update your subscriptions again!



Palautte lets you customize a color and assign it to text or a shape and then place it on top of a solid color of your choosing. This helps you see how two colors really harmonize on the same screen you will be developing for.

You can tweak both the background and foreground colors to find the right harmony. When you find the color harmony your are looking for the RGB values are presented in a simple manner for you to use in your designs.

You can save this Palautte to your phone, and organize them for future reference.