My iOS Apps


To earn my Master of Fine Arts Degree I taught myself Apple's programming language Swift in order to produce a functioning app. I quickly learned bringing life to my designs was just as enjoyable, and have been pushing myself to learn more.  


Palautte 2.1

Palautte lets you customize a color and assign it to text or a shape and then place it on top of a solid color of your choosing. This helps you see how two colors really harmonize on the same screen you will be developing for.

You can tweak both the background and foreground colors to find the right harmony. When you find the color harmony your are looking for the RGB values are presented in a simple manner for you to use in your designs.

You can save this Palautte to your phone, and organize them for future reference.


Lynked 1.7

Lynked is a payment keychain for all your subscription services, so you never have to worry about forgetting to update your payment information.


• Organize subscriptions
• No sensitive credit card information
• Keeps track of your fixed monthly expenses
• Easy to use
• Free to use

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Coming Soon